Client Testimonials

Haven House helps keep me grounded. I started coming here in the 1980s on the advice of my doctor after a series of hospitalizations. Initially, I attended five days a week, and now I feel like a part of the Haven community.

The hands-on approach that the staff takes with clients has helped me with things like socializing and developing conversations, which are things I am not good at. I like how well the staff knows each of us and encourages us to get involved with things like the clubhouse and other volunteer work. I’ve been able to develop relationships with other clients through these activities as well as through our group sessions.


I’ve been coming to Haven House for over two years for treatment of depression. I love this place! Here I feel needed and wanted. The staff encourages me to help in the kitchen, the thrift shop, with elderly people, and with cleaning. The therapists help me work through my anxiety issues and manage them so that I can do volunteer work.

I love coming here. It’s like a second home to me.


I love the sense of community I feel at Haven House. I feel like I belong, and I look forward to coming here every day. The staff has helped me to open up, as I used to keep to myself. My depression has improved a lot thanks to the private and group therapy.

I like to keep busy by helping the staff with office work, working in the kitchen, snack bar and thrift shop, and helping out with our fundraiser projects.


Thanks to Haven House, I have gotten my behavioral and emotional problems under control. The staff has helped me learn how to take things in stride and be more calm and not as worried as I was before. Now I can anticipate problems and not go overboard in my reaction to them. Through my therapy, I’ve also learned how to accept compliments as well as criticism, and I have become better socialized.

The Haven staff treats us with respect, as equals. This helps me get along with them and other clients. They are very understanding and have encouraged me to take on extracurricular activities such as volunteer work.


When I first started coming to Haven House over a decade ago, I needed direction. I was suffering from anger issues and problems with drinking and drugs due to a bipolar condition.

The staff at Haven is comprised of good people. They have helped me to better understand my condition and to stay on an even keel. They gave me parameters within which to operate that have helped me to make friends here and to give back by running the snack bar and acting as treasurer of our fundraising projects.

The therapists at Haven believe in me, and since they do, so do I.


Haven House gave me a foundation to build upon.

Although I didn’t get to know all of the staff, they all seemed to know how to respond to me when I was having a hard time. Above all, they listened and supported me in finding my own answers.

The staff and program gave me hope that I could live a better life, a life not defined by mental illness. Haven House was a family for me. I learned how to move past the cycles of hospitalizations and into employment in the community. I developed leadership skills by working on the fundraising committee and helping to put the Haven newsletter together.

At Haven, I wasn’t a patient. I wasn’t called crazy, manipulative or difficult to treat. I was treated as a person with hopes and dreams. I was given back dignity and respect, the two things that had been taken from me through the system.

Now employed as a supervisor and program director in the mental health field and a Haven House program graduate

"The Haven staff treats us with respect, as equals. They are very understanding and have encouraged me to take on extracurricular activities such as volunteer work."

Edward R.